Adrienne Tom

Executive Resume Writer and Job Search Strategist, Career Impressions 9X certified executive resume writer, LinkedIn profile writer, and job search strategist. Adrienne helps top business professionals level up, land faster, and increase earning power by unearthing value and positioning offerings powerfully 'on paper'.

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Adrienne Tom is an international award-winning executive resume writer and job search strategist at Career Impressions where she partners with astute business leaders and executives around the world to generate eye-catching career tools that differentiate top professionals from their competitors. Featured in major media outlets like The Globe & Mail, Forbes, and NBC News, Adrienne's work can also be seen in 5 major books, including Resumes for Dummies.

In 2020, Adrienne joined forces with 3 other job search experts to launch Job Search Secret Weapon - the complete solution for the stressed-out job seeker that doesn’t have thousands to invest in personalized resume writers and job coaches. Visit to learn more.

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May 05, 2020, 06:05 PM
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