Chantel Bonneau

Wealth Management Advisor, CFP, Northwestern Mutual

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As a wealth management advisor, I understand that financial planning must be catered to each individual's specific needs and goals. I help my clients by managing and building upon their current situations and needs while allowing them to see their visions come to fruition through effective planning for their future.

My extensive knowledge and experience paired with my passion and fervor to see my clients achieve financial prosperity has helped position me as one of the top wealth management advisors with Northwestern Mutual in the Western Region.

I specialize in providing strategic, comprehensive advice to help successful women, attorneys, physicians, business owners, and millennials meet their financial goals. I also often collaborate with fellow advisors to educate clients on wealth management strategies and solutions.

I continuously strive to impact individuals across the county and have been featured in Forbes, LIMRA, Women's Health Magazine, Money Magazine, and MarketWatch. I have also made appearances on FOX News, Hello Giggles, and USA Today, among others.

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How I Got Here with Northwestern Mutual

May 06, 2020, 11:00 PM
Chantel Bonneau