Dasani Madipalli

Program Manager, Microsoft Dynamics SCM Dasani is a program manager at Microsoft. She also maintains a blog Dasani Decoded, where she shares her path to getting opportunities while doodling along the way.

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Dasani is a PM at Microsoft where she creates features for Dynamics Supply Chain Manager. She's early in her career and graduated last may from CWRU where she studied computer science and minored in math and philosophy. During her time there she interned at Microsoft, Google and Khan Academy. In her spare time she creates content to demystify tech and the opportunities she has had through doodles and blogs. Apart from that she can be found cuddling with her dog and binge watching Netflix.

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Industry Panel: Women in Tech

May 06, 2020, 08:45 PM
Stephanie Aceves Jenny Holyer Dasani Madipalli Masha Zvereva Meghan Mehta Tara H