Rick Barrera

CEO, Rick Barrera & Associates, Inc. Best-Selling Author, speaker, sales trainer and branding consultant Rick Barrera is a seasoned expert in helping businesses of all sizes connect more deeply with their most important customers and prospective customers by crafting and managing their most important conversations.

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Rick Barrera is the founder of PartnerHere.com, the best place on the web to start or grow your company…without cash. Rick is a serial entrepreneur, having started more than a dozen companies. He believes in the power of partnership, so he started PartnerHere for company founders who are willing to share ownership with their teams. Most entrepreneurs believe that they need cash to start their business. Rick believes that you can start almost any company without cash. You just need to find the right partners who are willing to work for a piece of the business, rather than getting paid in cash. You need to find the right partners who are willing to give you whatever you need to start or grow your company using alternatives to cash. Alternatives might include barter, success fees, revenue sharing, commissions, delayed payments, stock or options in the company, or a mix of alternatives. Rick believes in doing deals differently. When he started his consulting and training company, his first two clients were barter clients. One was a barter for gasoline and car repairs. When Rick wants to launch a new product or service or company, he finds customers who are willing to pay for it. Rick believes that you never have a money problem, you always have an idea problem or a partner problem. With the right ideas and the right partners, you can build any company. Whatever you don’t have enough of, there is someone who has too much. You just have to make the right deal. So, where do you find these amazing people? At PartnerHere.com.

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