Sabrina Woods

Holistic Career Coach & President, Career Counselors Consortium Sabrina Woods is a master career coach, engaging workshop facilitator, trainer, and leader for the Career Counselors Consortium Northeast (a professional association based in Boston). Mindfulness, positive psychology and neuroscience are part of her tool kit for helping clients lower their stress during career and other life transitions.

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Sabrina Woods is a Holistic Career/Life Coach & Consultant with 20 years’ in the career services field at universities including Harvard, Northeastern and the University of London. She is also the President of the Career Counselors Consortium based in Boston.

In her private practice, her joy comes from tapping holistic and mindfulness-based practices while helping people with major career transitions.

Sabrina also facilitates workshops and train-the-trainer sessions ranging from the Myers Briggs to Mindfulness to Linkedin. Her workshops combine her insights, enthusiasm and infectious energy. Sessions have been taught in the US, UK and Middle East.

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