Pierre Delinois

Hiring Now: Careers at Asurion

A Talk by Pierre Delinois (Sr. Manager, HR Product Development, Asurion)

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At Asurion, we believe in making tech easy and simple for our customers, which is why our team is committed to constantly innovating ways to enhance our products and services- from phones and tablets, to appliances and smart home products, we keep our customers protected and connected when it matters the most. And, best of all We Are Hiring! Learn more about Asurion and the roles we are currently hiring for during this 45 minute information session.

May 06, 2020, 10:15 PM

10:15 PM - 10:59 PM

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Pierre Delinois

Pierre Delinois

Sr. Manager, HR Product Development, Asurion

I’m an innovation catalyst. I help teams transform employee experience, using the principles of design thinking and product management.