Sabrina Woods

Meditation Break: Destress and Recharge

A Talk by Sabrina Woods (Holistic Career Coach & President, Career Counselors Consortium)

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About this Talk

Time for a break! In this mini-session we’ll try out some of my favorite mindfulness techniques that you can use anytime, anywhere. Give yourself this opportunity to refresh, recharge and get ready for more learning. Holistic career coach Sabrina Woods will be your guide.

May 05, 2020, 09:57 PM

09:57 PM - 09:59 PM

About The Speakers

Sabrina Woods

Sabrina Woods

Holistic Career Coach & President, Career Counselors Consortium

Sabrina Woods is a master career coach, engaging workshop facilitator, trainer, and leader for the Career Counselors Consortium Northeast (a professional association based in Boston). Mindfulness, positive psychology and neuroscience are part of her tool kit for helping clients lower their stress during career and other life transitions.